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Parents Rules for their College Student Safety from the Internet Cons

Parents have a huge influence to their children. They have the power to manipulate them in a sense that their children will do the things that will give good impact to them. Parents can as well give rules of do’s and don’ts to avoid abusive actions in many aspects. There are ample of ways that parents can influence their children, but they should watch out that their rules are not causing dreadful effects to their children.

Since the Internet has pros and cons, parents can take part on this issue too. Focusing on the cons, they should guide their children to avoid going in strange areas on the net. Especially to a college student, Internet has turned out to be part of their daily lives.

Internet is used for their research and for other school activities. Furthermore, it also gets them to access the constructive ways for their financial support like applying online for student loan.

In fact, even in mobiles, college students are now prone to risk when they are connected online. There are plenty of websites to browse and critical risks are susceptible when falling into the wrong source. That’s why here’s a little guide to keep your college student in safe:

Tell your child to do a little research first of the host site what they can offer before he sign up

Social networks are expanding. Many have incredible tools for them to help build up their professional contact, which is helpful to them in time of employment through his professional online contacts.

Tell your child to distinguish their online activities

There are websites that requires you to register your full name. Tell your child to be skeptical on this. Never facilitate your credit card number, email account, or even your home address because hackers or those miserable identity thieves can use your account to bad actions in order to get money.

Tell your child to trust his qualms

If there’s can’t be trusted or uncomfortable situation appears online, tell him not hesitate to ask your help. Threats are widespread online, so to save him from being abused, to report suspicious things immediately to you as his parent or to police can save him.

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