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Online Education to avoid bad weather cancel classes

Every winter children cannot attend to school for some days due to bad weather conditions: snow, heavy rain or hurricane are frequent in some areas and school have to close because teachers and students cannot get out their houses. However, online education can change that¬† school student dream of snowing the right day he has an important test ha has not prepared enough. With the Ohio Department of Education looking on, the Mississinawa Valley Schools in Darke County will try to replace days off for snow and other inclement weather with online learning. This test could determine the avaibility of this kind of education in case of calamity days or for those students that have to get trough long illnesses at home. About 700 hundreds students in rural areas in western Ohio will be guinea pigs during this winter.¬† As well, this will be a test for teachers that will have to learn how to become an online instructor. Lisa Wendel, Mississinawa superintendent, said the district’s plan to replace calamity days with online learning came in response to talks with state legislators about the possibility that the state might eliminate calamity days altogether. Mississinawa superintendent also added she sees using computers to keep students connected to class as part of the future of education and important for students who have decided what to study and want to go to college. They will be used to online programs used by every academic institution. “When our students live geographically isolated from higher-education opportunities, this is how they’re going to be taking those classes,” she said.

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