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Online Education Program

As of now, communication is very much technological. Friends and family be able to zip through email and even get posted towards the social networking sites. Movies can be rented through online setting and be able to arrive two days later in the mailbox. Aside of that also, grocery, bargaining, and gift shopping can be available in an online setting with the availability of some discounts and delivering it on the home of the buyer. But above else, one of the fastest and even considered as the largest online usage or purposes is educational field. For about more than 3.9 million college learners have already took at least one online career course every year based on the data gathered by the Sloan Consortium. Staphanie Gardiner of Walsh in Winston Salem in New York City is just one of the persons who took an online degree programs. Last May, she already graduated from her online learning in Grand Canyon University in Phoenix with master’s degree in educational teaching from Grand Canyon University in Phoenix.

For about 83% of 4,699 learners graduated in this online school of Grand Canyon University of Phoenix wherein just like the other online schools, several of this online learners have never me their professors or fellow learners in person until the day they will be attending the commencement. Most of the online learners inclined to pursue this kind of educational setting due to the mere fact that they can only participate taking exams, study, be involve to group discussion and even consulting their own professor at their own pace and time without having time to travel or just taking any day off from work. According to Sarah Surrey a graduate of GCU, that the best professors of Belleville stay active to the needs of the learners and immediately respond to the email of the students. The more professors interacted with their learner message boards, the more they learned about their classmates. Surrey had already finishes the online career education of Psychology while working as a teleconferencing expert at this Scott Air Force Base. Even though, that her resident is quite far for about 1280 away from the Phoenix campus but through the online setting she was able to finish it.

Online education is a fast growing trend of popularity around the globe. In which, financial aid is becoming more and even more available to non traditional and returning learners just like the scholarship offering of GCU. The GCU provides scholarship intensives for the high academic achievers and even enrollment counselors in order to support those learners are able to identify the financial aid availability.

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