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Obama Plans to Strengthen Federal School Loan Program

After hearing the sentiments of some students from schools in Michigan during his visit, Senator Barack Obama is now considering of strengthening the federal school loan program for deserving students. Obama was saddened by the plight of the students who encountered problems with their student loans. He said he is going to propose for a $4,000 tax credit every year for deserving students as well as in giving free education in many community colleges in the US as well as on online program. Obama said he cannot accept America having problems with education. He said Americans cannot achieve their potentials because they can’t afford the high cost of education. He said there are predatory lending services that give more dilemmas to the students used by some of the banks and this must be stopped right away. The country is changing and the future students have different needs. Therefore, these needs must still be addressed by the national government.

Marilyn Pace, 23, was one of those students who are having problems with their loans from lending institutions. She said she agrees with Obama in many ways but rather would still do her research on many other things. Pace is attending her dental hygiene class at the community college in Wayne County. But she said this time she is short of $1500 to pay for her certification tests and board exam. She discussed with Obama that there are costs in education she can’t afford because of having no enough education funds. Pace had already taken the loan’s maximum amount and she has still problems for other fees which became a big problem of her. She said she now at cross roads of being able to take the examination or pay for the tuition. Pace is going to graduate in five weeks time but couldn’t decide yet whether to take her exams in July and August. Fortunately, due to Sen. Obama’s intervention Pace could be find a scholarship grant to help her from taking the board examination in the coming month.

Another student also shared his problem to the senator saying that his parent has poor credit standing which really became a problem for him as he could be approve for student loans at Eastern Michigan University, after finishing a degree at WCCC. Another school returnee at 32 said he wishes to return to college for another career change but could not get approval from his student loan application.

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