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New Visa for International Students in UK

Plans for the imposition of new Visa for international students is now underway as the UK government announced the new development as far as the acquisition of new visa using the so-called points based system (PBS). With this plans of the government the new visa will be named as Tier 4. Officials in the Immigration office in United Kingdom said the new visa is very transparent with the simplification of some immigration rules for education providers and international students worldwide entering UK to seek university degrees. One of the salient points in the new student visa would be the participation of students themselves to get points and qualify for visa application. However, this does not include students enrolling in online university degree.

A report said the number of Indian students enrolled in the UK region’s higher education has increased to as high as 24 percent last year. A data also extracted from the office of higher education in UK has it that the population of Indian students which is 19,205 in 2005-2006 has increased to 23,835 in 2006-2007. There were reports that in 2007 a total of 22,000 student visas which were recorded to have been issued to Indians. With the new program, students applying for new courses would not be honored under Tier 4, which according to government officials will be implemented in 2009. Students in many schools world wide are now interested for overseas education.

The new program for student visa which will be based on Points-Based-System is similar to that of Australia. The only difference is that under the Tier 4 system is also similar with that used by the American Student and Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP). Colleges and universities in UK will be told to report students who failed to enroll in courses as well as they are also required to obtain a license if they want to recruit international students. The new procedure is aimed at protecting students from those recently reported as unscrupulous schools abusing the system and reportedly victimizing the students. Those colleges and universities violating the new provisions will face sanctions from authorities which may include banning them from recruiting international students in the future and schools will be told to stop operation if they are found no proper permits.

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