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New Programs entirely introduces learners for healthcare careers

This new co-operative education program entirely support of introducing these Western School Board High School learners for career possibilities towards healthcare. Especially that this working placement program serve as a joint effort for Department of Education and for this Early Childhood Development, their school board and this Prince County Hospital. According to Education and Early Childhood Development Minister Doug Currie that during the time learners will have on a mere chances of experiencing this working place while still be in their respective educational learning institutes, it entirely creates their studies quite relevant and supports determining those directions that they might be pursuing in their respective secondary educational program. The entire co-operative of these educational placements of this Prince County Hospital must co-ordinate by this career education program consultant in Western School Board. Especially, that learner’s should be eligible of their respective placement that entirely requires completion of pre-placement interview through their hospital staffs.

This personalize learning placement program plan entirely support of developing them in a join manner through this co-operative educational teacher, learners and their working place supervisor that will support of establishing their particular learning achievement and working place expectations. As a result, this career chances in the field of healthcare entirely includes as a direct care occupations that includes as its family physicians and their respective nurses, medical radiation technologists, their lab technologists and for their health support services occupations in the areas that includes nutrition, information technology, in the field of engineering, maintenance, culinary field.

The hospital officials will entirely support of determining what kind of positions they should offer in this early June and December so that this co-operative educational learners and their respective educators will have some time towards preparing their respective placement in the upcoming semester. According to Currie, that co-operative educational agreement with Prince County Hospital considered as an essential step towards educational career in Western School Board. With that, they are quite hoping of seeing these learning partnerships in the future with other health facilities, towards some other sectors and to some areas in the province.

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