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New Law Regarding Dropping Out of College Courses

It has been known that college education is the toughest level of educational learning. At this level, students are even more trained to the highest degree in order for them to be more prepared in their career life in the future. In which, deepening of a certain field of study was been done in this educational level of learning. As well, it entails that most topics that are tackle in this educational level are usually complicated and needs a long duration of time in order to understand the understand the topic.

As college education required so many aspects in order to pass on this level of education such as quizzes, major exams projects, training, seminar, term paper and other aspects. So, college education requires lots of focus and spare time to study a certain field of study. No wonder that in college student community we can observe that they are so busy in doing many things. In which, they are so busy studying and accomplishing different requirement. Having this challenging stage of education, it creates boredom and frustration to the part of the student to continue their educational learning.

When boredom and frustration will worsen and goes off to a higher degree, a student will have to decide to drop their subject course. This scenario is true to all college community throughout the world especially in the United States. This situation is quite alarming. In which, it increases the population rate of the college student who got stuck up in their junior years of learning as a result delaying their graduation day. In that aspect, the government of the United States passed a law that prohibits the college student community to drop out several course programs. In this manner, it will minimize the dropping of course without any valid reason and gives opportunity to get focus to their desire course.

But, there are also exemptions in this new educational regulation. A student can do course subject shopping for few days after the opening of the semester. If the college student doesn’t like the course program, right away the students are allowed to drop that field of study and pursue another field. In that manner, it provides fairness to the part of the student s and to the educational learning institute.

It can be observe that the universities and colleges in Texas are very much strict upon the implementation of minimizing the dropping out of college courses. As well, implementation of this law is indeed very effective in lower the population of the students who will be stuck up in their lower years in their college educational learning. As well, it will help in minimizing the educational expenditure because transferring form one course to another is very much costly. It just adds up to the educational expenditure. Indeed, this new regulation provides numerous advantages to the part of the college student.

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