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Motion Sickness-Free Tips during Student Travel

The greatest adventure every student can experience is traveling abroad. International study, study and work abroad, and other student education programs are few of the opportunities wherein students fly, ride, or sail to foreign lands.

How exiting it could be to explore the other parts of the world, learn new language, embrace various cultures, and discover wonderful places of interest. And definitely, riding, sailing, and flying can cause a lot of motion sickness. How can one student prepare for such expected dilemma? Here are over-the-counter tips on keeping sea-sickness at bay.

  1. Avoid eating too much before the student travel. Excessive alcohol consumption will surely force you to vomit. Put aside foods that make you unusually full, such as too much liquid, fat, and spicy foods. Strong food odors can also be the reason for motion sickness
  2. During the travel, find the spot with the least motion—usually the center spots. The lower cabins near the center of the ship are least moving part of a ship travel while middle of an airplane over the wing is the calmest area.
  3. Do not sit backwards facing from the direction of travel.
  4. Occupy the front seat during car travel.
  5. Avoid reading while traveling if you have the tendency to feel motion sickness.
  6. Let fresh air flow through open ventilations if allowed.
  7. Look through the horizons when traveling in a boat or a car.
  8. Keep away from people who are suffering from motions sickness; by hearing them talk, you might get sick as well.
  9. Over-the-counter medications are also good in keeping motion sickness at bay for a quite period of time (meclizine). There are also prescribed long-term medications for students with severe motion sickness such as scopolamine. Though the drug may cause drowsiness to relative side effects and should need prescription before any intake.

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