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Monitoring the Educational Status

Education is very much important because it is the source of all knowledge that can be useful in developing the world to its progress. Almost every nation especially the United States ensures that high percentage rate of their population will received a student education. It also ensures that their students will receive a good quality of education. With the importance of education system, the United States, government keeps on monitoring their educational status.

Just recently, President George Bush once again reminded the congress about the implementation of No child left behind education law. President Bush, emphases that children must be protected their rights to gain educational learning. In which, it gives opportunity to the children to received good standard of student services in the different schools. The President encourages the congress to continually monitor the educational system in their nation by conducted several educational institution check up and the requirement of a monthly progress report of the students. The implementation of this law is applicable to the nursery and grade school student.

The main purpose of conducting school check up is to find out if a certain school is giving a good quality of student services to their student community. In which, the government can be able to see if the education system are well distributed to the different students.

The requirement of monthly progress report of the students will give a glimpse regarding the student status in their nation. The report provides more focus on the efficiency regarding math and reading aspect. The measurement of this progress of the students will be base upon the growth model that the educators have been developed.

The results towards implementation of school check up and the requirement of progress report will be a basis for the educational status of the nation. The results that obtain will be use for further development in their educational system or an implementation of another law. In which, the government will take further action if they found out that something is wrong in their educational system or it needs furnishing. So, the government will come up to make another strategy to implement in order to ensure that the student community will receive a good quality of student education.

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