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Learners Will Receive Marks for Charitable Works

In our time today, we can rarely find individuals especially the youth who are involve to community services or any voluntarism works especially charitable works. Here in the England, this fact about the less involvement of the youth about community services especially towards charitable works in the society is really occurring. With that situation, at some point the government officials here in England are finding ways in order to motivate the youth to be involve and render services. Since, the youth serve as the future hope of the society. One of the recent programs the England government have implemented in order to motivate more youth to be involve to societal activities or services is to urge the different colleges and universities here in England to give additional marks to those learners who are currently involve in community services especially voluntary charitable works. In this way, those college learners or individuals who are taking their career education are urge or be motivated to do charitable works in the society because they will be earning credit in their subjects or courses as a result for the community or charitable services that they have rendered. Under this credit implementation of most private or public schools here in England, it gives a privileged for the learners to extent and be exposed to the societal situations and be moved on what are the things that must be done in order to improve the societal status. Aside from the learning that they can gain, this societal exposure through charitable works will serve as a good venue for the learners to be supported in their subject course grades especially to the subject course that are quite difficult or challenging to deal on. Since, this credit system will provide a greater venue for the learners to stretch its grades to a higher degree. With this new educational framework in exposing the young college learners or those individuals who are taking their higher educational are given a privilege to be more vigilant and be consciously aware about the things that have occurred in the society so that in the future they can make a difference in improving the societal status especially in the aspect of poverty.

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