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Launching of Affordable Online High School Program

ComputerJust recently, it’s been know that this Nation High School will be offering those prospective learners a chance of earning a high school diploma through taking up 16 educational courses online on their own pace together with its current Nation Full Time Program or known as NFTP. With that, learners can be able to sign up towards this Nation Full Time Program (NFTP) which is a new online program that will entirely permit learners of ages 14 and even older in order to take up 16 online courses in order to gain a high school academic diploma in accordance to their own schedule. The Nation High School had already develop its Nation Full Time Program in order to support learners be able to continue their education through students academic grants. As a result, learners can now be able to completer their academic high school diploma or known as the GED online that is less than half of its costs on a regular tuition price that is $799 only that include its study resources and learners guidance.

In addition of these new discount tuition rates, learners can able to transfer this new education program without any charges whether they already been dropping out in this high school education due to its personal or financial reasons, as of now learners can be able to complete their education learning in this NFTP through transferring its previous credits and even completion their educational online program. The graduating learners will now be receiving accredited educational diplomas, educational verification letters, and official transcripts. According to Steve O’Neil who is the president of this school board, that they are already quite glad upon the addition of this flexibility and convenience of online high school learning to their lists of affordable high school guide programs. With that learners will be provided an opportunity in order to complete over their high quality courses towards for the comfort to their respective homes, wireless locations, with the possibility of continuing their educational learning without spending much time away from its work especially to their family and some other obligations.

This new educational program includes about 16 quality academic courses such as Geometry, Economics, Biology, English, Physics, and World Religions. Since, this Nation Full Time Program or known as NFTP is considered as its one unique three opportunities that been offered through this Nation High School that will entirely allow learners be able to gain its accredited academic diploma or GED online. Upon the addition of enrolling these full time programs, learners can also be able to earn its diploma through taking over a standardization test for the Nation Test Program (NTP) and its basis for learning experiences of this Nation Prior Learning Assessment Program (NPLA).

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