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Joint Educational Operation

Over the past decade the governance of the Florida focuses the importance of quality of education to every level. No wonder that every educational institution in Florida keeps on improving their educational system especially in the college level. In obtaining a college degree, it entails lot of knowledgeable and skillful professor in order to nurture the minds of the students. In line with this, the two educational institution in Florida joint together in order to retain the goal and mission of quality of education to every students residing in this state.

This coming January 2008, the Hodges University will be offering a bachelor’s degree in management at Florida Keys campuses. With the interview of Terry McMahan the Hodges University President, He stated he was very grateful to the staff and students of Florida Keys Community for the opportunity that was given to them.

Hodges University also plans out to give a baccalaureate and graduate program to the Key West College. As well, the Hodges University will offer program acceleration to the students who want to finish their course immediately. The program acceleration enables students to obtain twelve credits for five weeks only. In which, only four hours are spent in the classroom discussion while the remaining hours required are completed by the students outside the school zone. It means that only few discussions are taken up and the whole duration of the program will be given to the students to study on their own. This idea provide a good venue to the students to have more time to their self and do whatever they want to do. Aside from the plan of opening a program acceleration and business management course in the Keys West College, Hodges University school management was also hoping that they could also offer courses of Interdisciplinary Studies. In which, they could finalize it at after they a gain a good result of the joint teaching of business courses in Key West College.

Hodges University school management also plans to hire more faculty personnel’s in order to teach business management courses at the Key West College and to monitor the impact of these joint teaching. In line with these the Hodges University plan to offer a financial assistance and trainings to the personnel that will be assisting on this joint project.

With the involvement of Hodges University school management in Florida Keys Community College it was predicted that more students are interested to enroll in Florida Keys College School. The school management of both schools maintains their positive view regarding on this joint teaching program. It’s really ironic to think the possibility of coming up a joint program from different schools. This program provides a good start of establishing a good relationship between the two educational institutions.

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