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IT Career Tests Show Many Professionals Unskilled

Even when information technology is already a trend in business operations all over the world, still experts say many professionals are not skilled to meet the demands of the new millennium. This resulted to unemployment of a thousand professionals especially those who did not acquire additional skills to augment their profession. Recent surveys conducted show professionals still do not know how to operate computers and qualify in many call centers which now started to sprout in India and other countries of the globe. The United States government has been hiring IT professionals to operate call centers but they found it hard to hire IT employable professionals. As a result of this, many US companies were forced to transfer call center business in outsource groups so that they can minimize training cost of more IT professionals. Many schools world wide are now maximizing their IT education, it was learned.

Among most known countries for outsourced call centers now are India and Philippines because of the reported low overhead expenses in these countries. However, IT professionals also noted a positive signal for this transition so that the US helps many countries to develop their IT schools in order to meet the demands of many progressive countries of the world that want to outsource IT professionals. In fact, many US and UK firms are now outsourcing their workforce in the Philippines and India because they can minimize cost.

In the Philippines, President Gloria Arroyo has also seen this coming of many call centers and other outsourcing jobs in the country as a sign that more Filipinos who are IT professionals can take advantage. Arroyo has already ordered Higher Education officials to make the IT professionals more competitive to prepare them for more outsourcing jobs in call centers. Although, the Philippines is caught by surprise when many Americans and businessmen in Europe become interested in the Philippines when the some Filipino professionals are not ready for the job but they are helping them to train more through the help of TESDA, a government agency which certifies employability and skills of many professionals in the Philippines. Other Filipino professionals also resorted to enroll in online degree to learn more about information technology.

Based on recent surveys, outsource jobs now are not only concentrated in the greater Manila areas but already spread as far as Makati, Cebu, Cagayan de Oro, Bukidnon, Iligan City, Davao City and other major cities of the country.

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