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International Students Welcome in Minnesota

At the Concordia College in Minnesota, the staff and faculty are encourage to sponsor international students in order to improve the cultural experience of the institution. This would mean a good start for the college to create a smooth relationship with the international community once the program is already in full swing. Many schools world wide are already implementing the program, it was learned.

In her report, Sasira Liyanage, Friendship Family Program coordinator said there will be matching to happen between students and parents for just a period of one semester but if the program really works it would be considered for the rest of the academic year. For this reason, the students and families are advised to participate in activities and become acquainted with one another.

In fact, on this month, Concordia College will sponsor the “Feast of Nations,” an inaugural event of the project in which international students are to be introduced to the families who are willing to host them. On October 7, 2008, a meeting is also set at King’s Centre in the afternoon to know who are those still interested to host international students.

Right now, many parents are already interested to avail of the opportunities to host international students. Based on the program, these parents will be properly given orientation about their duties and responsibilities as host families. The program has been working smoothly in other countries of the world and Concordia College is also committed to make the program among the most interesting program ever conceived in Minnesota. I

mplementors of the program are in high spirits that they would be very successful like many other countries of the world. In fact, many of the people in the US are already supporting the program. They are very confident the program will really work because many international students would also join the program and takes care of the need of other people involve in the worthwhile undertaking.

Making international students not only enrolled in online education but as well as physically visiting the country of their choice through the cultural exchange program is one way of fostering camaraderie among nations of the world.

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