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International Student Grabs Lion’s Club Award

The Lion’s Club continues to be part in many activities which constitute serving the communities, students and in all other aspects of civic activities. The Lion’s International clubs has been giving awards in many schools world wide.

Just recently a student was awarded by the club after being able to accomplish laudable contributions even with his meager budget as a student. This contribution made the club realized how important to them the role students are playing nowadays to help the less fortunate people in society. With some students availing of a student loan to continue going to school, but other students have other motivations to lead because they have no problems with the schooling budget.

Named international student of the month by the Norman Lion’s Club was Nicolas Del Granado, a student who hails from Bolivia. He served as the club’s awardee for the month of November last year. Granado was part of the University of Oklahoma’s international exchange student. He comes from the Universidad Catholica Boliviana located at its capital in La Paz. In 2008, Del

Granada became the program chair of the Pan American Association in 2008-2009 and joined the group “Rack it Up.” and solicited funds for the purpose of replacing at least 1,000 lost trees in the campus. Such activity had also got the commendation of many people close to him as well as from the academe.

In his own country, Del Granado also organized the so-called learning activities for the children of prisoners in La Paz correctional for women. In high school he also became an exchange student as well as he was able to live in three countries. In his speech during the awarding ceremonies conducted by the Norman Lion’s Club, Del Granado reported the landlocked Bolivia with its capital La Paz which is more than 11,500 feet above sea level.

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