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International Award of Online Learning for UMass Lowell

This most prestigious international group of universities and college that will be offering this online learning that just recently presented this top honor towards this UMass Lowell Executive Vice Chancellor Jacqueline Moloney who is the pioneer of this field. Moloney was this only American and one of their two educators towards receiving this Most Outstanding Achievement for this Online Learning through this Individual award in this Sloan Consortium annual international conference. These 2009 recipients had entirely demonstrated this exceptional leadership and as well towards their real success for this online educational advancement according to University of this Illinois Prof. Burks Oakley who have awarded this committee chairman. This UMass Lowell had already won these entire Sloan-C top awards except upon adding this year towards their excellence of programs and educational faculty development. Last 2008, the UMass Lowell and as well UMassOnline who have receive this Most Outstanding Online Learning and also Teaching Award. This Sloan-C got an offshoot of this Sloan Foundation towards higher educational excellence will now entirely integrate this online quality learning into this mainstream for higher educational learning.

With this, the Moloney will be honoring this for about 15 years for the advancement of their online education. They have launched on this UMass Lowell’s educational program especially that other institutions did not even see those needs and some who are under their leadership will entirely be growing from this 400 learners and got some fewer career courses towards more than 12,000 in this online enrollments and towards its fuller educational degree programs that includes those in MBA. Moloney will be considered as the national leader who will be working in this foundation upon the establishment of this Sloan Semester in order to allow these thousands of learners be able to displace upon continuing their educational learning until the time they will be returning to their respective campus schools. With that, Moloney will be continuing towards its innovation upon adding this blended educational program in this UMass Lowell that entirely combine for both classroom and online learning.

With that, Moloney stated that this award will serve as humbling due to the mere fact that this company of past winners who will be serving as their national experts. They have also shown that their school campuses stands will stand for what will this statement of UMass Lowell will have on this innovation capacity. According to this Chancellor Mary of Meehan who have promoted this Moloney as an executive vice chancellor that Jacquie Moloney will epitomize this UMass Lowell as their entrepreneurial approach towards educational learning that entirely determines this school university from the other nations around. With this vision towards their future for educational learning and even driving on towards meeting their respective needs towards those employers and learners who are just fewer of this reasons why this UMass Lowell will be growing for this online and on school campuses. Moloney entirely initiated this educational program with their respective school faculty and to those learners during the time that they will be headed this UMass Lowell’s Continuing Studies and Corporate Education Division as an expansion towards accessing this adults who have wanted upon pursuing a continuing education but continually face on this time and to their distance constraints. They have known that from this response it’s quite over for their years as been the right aspect to do.

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