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Integration of Student Services and Social Media

School enrollment has drawn out burdensome to enrollees about seeking information. Time gone in pointless because of the dispersed files of documentation that makes the institution’s enrollment employees recklessly track information in the anticipation of quick and careful detailed reply to people’s inquiries, but before recognizing the actions, they actually present an imprudent service.

Each student in a certain school has each information and protected document especially college students. Hence as each department accumulate every file it needs, circumstances like requesting a number of useful information over and over again is practicality; so details that could shift decisions to promote become dormant affects everyone involve. The student education acquires further attention in areas similar to this matter. Requiring distinctive report is part of this division’s factual world. That is why to make every thing in order; the social media is now developing to help systematize such need.

Utilizing of social media is now growing in the pervasiveness including the websites of Facebook and Twitter. In Multnomah University, the social media is used to interrelate with the alumni, prospective and current students such as the following websites:

  1. Facebook
  2. Flicker Feed
  3. Twitter
  4. Youtube
  5. Blogs

With the goal to serve students and ensuring them an environment where their faith grow and to prepare them for a life of ministry, every staff and faculty member at Multnomah University has utilize and standardize for organize student services.

For the university resources, the variation of the services is classified. Just in one click, student can find the consequent detailed information:

  • Registrar is where student can locate the educational process of the students to help them in academic-schedule planning and maintain to follow other vital steps in earning their desired degree. By such resources, the university has progressively served their students so with the faculty providing a quality services in every department in an organize manner. Through this system, the Multnomah University set a good example to many institution by:
    1. Providing the accurate and reliable educational records as well as careful supervision and instructions.
    2. Offering the necessary support to the school administration such as the recommendations, reports, examination, and assistance with guidelines formulation, and assisting the faculty in their instructional and counseling responsibilities.
    3. The regular and useful processes in the areas of registration, course enrollment and its changes, enrollment confirmation, and degree assessment are built.
  • Career Services to provide the current students as well as alumni to coach their career selection and their job search. This service provides supportive career tools, and endorses the contemporary available opportunities for internships and job seeking.
  • Academic Support Center is the area wherein academic programs are provided. If a student wants to take tutorial, free tutorial and other academic support services is offered intended to meet the scholastic goals of students towards their graduation associating the deliberating partnership between the university’s academic programs and the student services.
  • Counseling Center tenders professional counseling services to individual dealing with whole aspects of their being. The counselors are intensely committed to Christ and devotion to the counseling procedure.

The burdensome of any institute on this area of predicaments are being solved with the help of social media and of course this entirely useless if without the corporation of internet advantage.

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