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Increasing the PhD Learners in the Field of Science and Math

Education is the prime source in producing knowledgeable and skillful individuals to become good assets in the society for its progress. In that case, no wonder that most of the nations of the world have given much attention in developing or improving their educational system especially if they have seen that there are some concerns on it. Just like the case in Ireland. In which, it has been reported that the percentage rate of the individuals who have pursued a higher educational learning in PhD level in the field of science and math had decreases.

According to the recent statistical findings of the Department of Higher Education Marketing in Ireland that they have found out that there was a great decrease of this year enrollees in PhD in the field of science and math. In that case, this situation is quite alarming due to the fact that science and math are very much important field of education for the development and progress of the society. The study that been tackled in the in field of math and science can really have a great impact in developing the economic stability of the society such as in the field of scientific invention for healthcare system improvement, for technological improvements and other more. Science and math are broad fields of studies which provide a wider scope for the development of the entire system of the society. In that case, it’s quite important there will be more people who will be studying the deeper concept of science and math in order to even more develop the system of the nation.

As a result, the government of Ireland had created some ways in order to increase the motivational factor of the individuals for the pursuant of PhD career education level of learning in the field of science and math. Part of their strategies is to make the science and math educational program in early educational phases in every schools of the country very interesting in order to motivate the learners to pursue a PhD level in the field of science and math. The Ireland government is very much hopeful that this kind of strategy will provide a positive effect.

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