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Human Rights Group Sides Students on Corporal Punishment Issues

Corporal punishment is one of the problems of many schools world wide with school owners protecting their staff instead of the interest of students. This issue is already brought to courts in many countries and is still tried as of this writing.

In the United States, human rights groups also condemn this so-called corporal punishment and they are calling government officials in Washington to ban corporal punishment in the campus, citing reports the problem is still prevalent in the country. The group who called themselves American Civil Liberties Union and the Human Rights Watch in their report revealed 223,190 corporal punishments in the US, and this include a 16-year-old pregnant who is reportedly hit by the principal for being late in the class. The report also added that in 2005-2006 the figure went down to 48,838 but remains in the United States. The report said there are 21 states that allegedly allow corporal punishment inside the school campus. Canada and other 106 countries of the world reportedly banned corporal punishments according to the human rights advocates.

Alice Walker, author of the report said many educators in America cited good discipline as the best way to have good education for students aside from being a quick. She said nowadays this approaches in discipline is already problematic. Corporal punishment may include hitting a child using wooden boards, or on the rump. It may also be licks, pops or paddling. Walker said this kind of discipline on students creates chaotic and violent environment. Students when hit become angry and also do immediate reaction. Walker cited this so-called corporal punishment may halt bad behavior among students but only in the short term. In the long term, she said, it fails to teach good behavior among students why their behaviors went wrong.

The report also said Mississippi has the highest record of corporal punishment received by students, with its record of 7.5 percent. Texas has only 48,197 and records the highest number. Corporal punishment is already condemned by parents also in the US, saying that it won’t bring any good to students instead they would develop a feeling of unsafe schooling. The student career education would be badly affected if they become victims of corporal punishment.

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