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How to Learn After School

Education and career training is important and for this reason we all go to school. But the temporary time in school is sometimes not enough to understand the learning matter and if this once happened and if children and parents don’t make sure that this issue doesn’t get solved children will always have problems with topics that base on that one they didn’t understand. It is a vicious circle which affects the entire education and the earlier this vicious circle begins the more problems will children have in school. So it is important for both children and parents to make sure that there is a possibility to repeat and to stabilize the learning matter und and to do exercises as well. Therefore parents have a lot of options to offer their children such possibilities.


Learning with parents


Parents can easily support their children. They can help them to do their homework for example. This method is especially important during the first school years because parents are their major attachment figures. If parents do not show any interest in what the kids learn and where they have problems children feel rebutted and lose lust for learning. Therefore parents should always save some of their time for their children. Little things like reading can also be practiced in the everyday life. For example in supermarket children can read the grocery list and say what is still missed in the supermarket trolley.


Learning in groups


Another good possibility is when children band together. Then they can explain the learning matter to each other on their level which sometimes is more understandable than when an adult does it on his level. Also children learn to work in a team and develop social skills. After they solved several exercises the children should be able to explain their team the process of solution just to repeat it again. As maybe most of the children find individual solutions for exercises and bring them together the children can pick the for them self most effective solution. To make this method of learning effective these groups shouldn’t be bigger than 6 children. Also there should be a kind of supervisor (at best a teacher) who can support them if necessary.


Private lessons


Other options would be private lessons, online schools. A professional regularly repeats intensely the entire learning matter the child had in school since their last private lesson. As this is often individualised teaching the teacher can fully concentrate on the child’s issues. But a disadvantage of this method is that private lessons for have to paid. Costs per private lesson vary but there are some clubs which are specialized in private lessons and have considerable prices.


Learning material


If your child acts independently and disciplined enough it can use special learning material from the bookshop. Things like books with exercises and the solutions in the appendix could be helpful for self-studying. But this really requires a high discipline and is only appropriate for older children. With this method children learn to find solutions on their own and they can better keep the process of solution because they developed it from the beginning on their own. Further more they develop individual strategies how to deal with unknown exercises and use them in school when starting a new learning matter.



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