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Homeschooling Solution

Parents are getting more and more frustrated with public schools and wary of their own ability to homeschool may be wandering if private school is the answer. Others consider the possibility to send their children to boarding school. However, an increasing number of parents have been deciding against boarding schools recently. In the past decade, enrollment for private day schools has grown 15 per cent, while enrollment in boarding schools has grown only 2, 7 per cent. Reporting this new phenomenon, The Wall Street Journal put the shift away from boarding schools down to a trend of greater parental involvement, which correlates strongly with parent’s reluctance to be apart from their children. Another reason why they are reluctant to send their children to boarding school could be the danger of leting them being around peers 24 hours a day. It makes the risks that already loom large in high school loom even larger. It is hardly surprising that parents are so frustrated. What other options do they have?

What is the homeschooling solution? This method of instruction has been practiced at all times. It was only with the emergence of widespread compulsory public education that this age-old way of instruction was almost forgotten, but not eradicated. Many parents who by choice or necessity cannot send their children to school continue the tradition of home education. For instance, children with illnesses and different kind of disabilities – learning, mental or physical – that keep them from attending school are frequently taught at home. Homeschooling is also the only answer for children who live in the remote areas of the world.

With the increasing questioning of public education system from several parents in the 1970s and 1980s homeschooling as a method of instruction experienced a renaissance. Many parents began wondering whether they would be able to do a better job. Some of them realized that they really could do a great job with their own children. Thus, the modern homeschooling movement was born. The beginnings of this movement were rocky. Teachers did not consider parents capable enough to teach their own children. They boast about how competent they are and how incompetent parents are. What made these parents think they could teach their own children?

Few states even specifically prohibited home education and homeschooling parents faced threats of jail time. Some were arrested and menaced having their children removed from their home. Concerned teachers, worried neighbors and aghast relatives thought that the homeschooling parents are about to ruin their children’s lives dooming them to a gloomy future of illiteracy and social isolation.

It is worth questioning the methods of home education, but people should also take time to weigh their words carefully before rejecting homeschooling in advance. Should home education can be a bit isolating sometimes, it can still be successful if parents look for ways to meet their teen’s changing educational and psychological needs.

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