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High school students Stereotypes

Everyone who thinks about high school always remember all those TV shows in which teenagers sit  in different groups in the cafeteria at lunch time. People don’t join to a certain group only because they are friends but also because they belong to a certain stereotype in high school society. It is obvious that every student is different but it doesn’t mean they have to be classified in varied types of students like,  instead of persons,  they would be books in a library. Anyway they are some student stereotypes like: The Jocks They play all sports and get the hottest girls at school. Jocks are portrayed as handsome, good-looking, and dumb. On the weekends, they participate in events such as beer pong, block parties, and generally any activity in which alcohol is involved. The Cheerleaders Girls pictured as small-frame, beautiful hair, feisty attitude, and overall aesthetically pleasing school student.  Cheerleaders sport the most expensive clothing brands and handbags and throw the best parties complementing the Jocks. The Goths Heavy metal and scream are their taste on music.  Some of them cut themselves and love to talk about death. They wear outrageous outfits consisting of mostly black garments. The Nerds The nerds do not go out on the weekends, but stay indoors playing video games instead. Their social lives are constricted and they dress in plaid shirts and high waisted pants. Many nerds have glasses or braces, and sometimes both. The Skaters/Surfers The skaters and surfers miss class on a regular basis a prefer spend days smoking marijuana and idolizing Bob Marley as well as skateboarding, snowboarding, or surfing, depending on the weather. The Rocker Punks Their student stereotype is characterized by tight pants, black jackets, and studded belts. They listen to hard core rock music and attend shows of local bands on the weekends.  The rocker punks are heavily influence by mainstream bands such as Blink 182 and Green Day.

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