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Good Study Habits

College life is a very crucial stage of learning. It needs time and money in order to finish the degree courses. College education is in deep study of a certain field in commerce, nursing, engineering, philosophy, art, sciences, and technology. This learning level is a preparatory stage for one’s future career. The students will be equip with knowledge and skills in their chosen field of study. No wonder,that the educational set up for college students is quite harder. The concepts, principles and application are much complicated. As well, college education requires a lot of things to accomplish. Accomplishing a lot of things can sometimes lead to brain drain and stress especially if the exams fast approaching. In which, there are several things to study about. To avoid cramming and stressful preparation for the exams or other requirements, a student must develop the time management skills and good study habits. The concept of time management skills and good studying habits was supported by Sally Dreier. Sally Dreier is the current program coordinator of the University’s Study Skills Center. According to Sally Dreier, having a good study habits and time management can avoid the occurrence of stress in one’s self. The two aspect must go along in order to come up a good result during the examination’s. Sally Dreier, also emphasizes the importance of taking down notes and the organization of the notes that was done. According to her, taking down notes during class lessons can be useful upon studying or reviewing the past lesson in preparation for the exams. As well, organized note taking is also necessary in order to avoid confusion and easy tracking for the previous lessons. The core of having a good study habits is to create a plan upon studying in order to make the review flow smoothly. Sally Dreier suggested some steps in order to come have a good study system for the students.
  1. Gather the notes that are covered for the upcoming exam. If there are missing notes, the students must ask their teacher or classmate for a copy.
  2. Reading and familiarizing the concepts and principle are necessary in order to recall the lessons easily.
  3. Get involve or join a study group session for referrals if there are some things that you don’t understand.
  4. Focus on reviewing the lessons.
  5. Drink a lot of water while reviewing the lesson. Water can be helpful in increasing the oxygen flow of the brain.
  6. Eat healthy foods and avoid eating junk foods and caffeine. In which, junk foods and caffeine content foods can saps the brain cells.
  7. Have lots of sleep. Your brain must need to rest as well the body in oder to function well.
These factors can be helpful in coming up a good study habit. Just to set a time for studying. It is also advisable to review the lesson daily not just for upcoming exams. Reviewing the lessons daily can obtain internalization of things. As well, it obtains easy recall of the lessons that have taken up.

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