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Future Teachers in Indiana Receive Scholarship Grants

INDIANA – The US Department of Education announced Monday it is giving scholarship grant to students who wish to become teachers in school districts that are lacking for teaching force due to increase in enrollees. The department admitted the demand for education teachers in many areas since the increase in annual enrollees were seen to be a cause for alarm. Jay Gatrell, associate dean of the College of Arts and Sciences said its high time now the US education department should address the problem. He said the first batch of scholars will be awarded in March 2008.

The student beneficiaries of the scholarship grant will be awarded $6,000 for two years and they are going to use the fund during their junior and senior year in college. “One of the requirements set by the US education department is that the scholar after getting his license in teaching must teach in high-need-schools for several years,” Gatrell stressed adding that this is the basic requirement that must be adhered to by the student-applicants if they wish to get the grant. In a statement released Monday by Indiana State University (ISU) it said that the school was able to get a total award of $532,000 to finance the education scholarship of the future teachers of the country who are very deserving to get the special education scholarship.

Gatrell said if the education funds will not be used in three years it will be taken back by the US education department though it is given to all colleges and universities in the country. “We should it otherwise it will be taken back to us,” the associate dean said. Gatrell said the grant can fully help deserving students to finish their studies and become professional teachers in the future. They should grab this opportunity because this can give them rewarding career in the future as teaching professionals. “This is a good and very competitive grant. Applicants should see this very good opportunity or else they will lose this,” Gatrell said.

As a result of this announcement, many students are now showing their interest to apply for the scholarship grants. Many schools and universities are also interested to give the grant to their deserving students.

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