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You know you’re a student when…

This sentence doesn’t need much more of an explanation as it speaks for itself. Read how other students finished this sentence and find similarities. If you have a good quote yourself or want to finish this sentence yourself mail us at: !

Here we go!

  • “…you see the question ‘you wanna go for a drink’ as a rhetorical one”
  • “…starting before 11 through the week is seen as an early morning, and your weekend lasts from Thursday to Monday!”
  • “…you look in your wardrobe and you see that there are more fancy dress outfits than normal clothes in there”
  • “…say at least 2 times a week: ‘I’m never gonna drink alcohol again’”
  • “…pasta becomes the staple diet (or cereal when you can’t be bothered to cook)”
  • “…you try just about anything into a drinking game”
  • “…you fall asleep on your books and wake up afraid of how many pages you still have to study”
  • “…when your microwave becomes your best friend”
  • “…when you are planning to take the last bus back home, but always end up taking the first one in the morning”
  • “…you can take a holiday whenever you feel like it”
  • “…when you keep more alcohol in the fridge than food”
  • “…when you keep more rotten food in the fridge than food”
  • “…you don’t know all the people that sleep in your home”
  • “…weekends are necessary to recover”
  • “…when you start studying on the way to your exam”
  • “…when you see people go to work while you are walking back home to sleep”
  • “…when you eat for 0.8 euro, and drink for 12 euro”
  • “…when your breakfast consists of energy drink and espresso shots”
  • “…when you know by heart the timetables of all the fast foods in the neighbourhood”
  • “…when it’s nothing unusual for you to wake up at 18.00”
  • “…when the snackbar already starts preparing your order before you even said something”
  • “…when you still think that sleeping at the airport is a good way to save money”
  • “…when you are dying to eat your mum’s food”
  • “…when you get drunk before going to the party to save money”
  • “…when the preparty is more fun than the actual club you’re planning to go to”
  • “…when you join in skype conversations and talk about rhinos, pizza and Pepsi”
  • “…when you are talking about junkfood, alcohol and stupid comics during your working hours”



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