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Studying is some serious business, getting your college degree is a lot of hard work which eventually will pay off. One thing about studying on which every student would probably agree is that your time in college is also about having fun, a lot of fun! To share some of the fun with other fellow students we created this section on Read about the typical student things in ‘You know you’re a student when…’, create inventive invitation with your own QR code, get the ‘Countdown to your Holidays’ application and take a look at other students’ room pics and share yours!




February 14, 2013

College student education has bountiful things and issues to think, consider, and decide. Everyone is finding out their own ways [...]

February 13, 2013

Parents have a huge influence to their children. They have the power to manipulate them in a sense that their [...]

February 12, 2013

Higher education is not merely about academics; in this educational level, career is as well widely tackled. Students are often [...]

February 11, 2013

Plenty of things are offered in bulk resources by the Internet. Using it has become basic for people across the [...]