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Fighting Against Plagiarism

Doing research and gathering information from the different educational resources are just normal aspects that the students usually do especially if they will be reaching a higher degree of education or college education. Since, these are the aspects that need to be done in order to accomplish the requirements of their course program and their teachers. As student’s gathered different information or do some research in line with their subject course requirement, it is a universal policy that student must acknowledge the author of the information or ideas that they have get. It means that they should do plagiarism or claiming the works of other without any permission coming from its owner. With that universal policy, everyone around the globe especially the students are obliged to obey and practice that policy.

Despite of the strict implementation of the different private and public schools in regards to the universal policy about plagiarism, there are still students who break this policy and keep claiming the work of others in order to gain their own acknowledgement as they have comply their course requirement. With these situations, it alarms both the school administrators and school teachers especially here in London due to the fact that gives injustice to the persons who are the main owner of the information or ideas. In that case, it leads the department of education in United Kingdom to create a turnitin software program that will track students or persons who are plagiarizing the works of other people just for their own good. The newly develop plagiarism tracker software was first use for the students who will be undertaking their GCSE and A-level projects. The work output of the students will be entered to this turnitin software program and the program will identify the original source of the information and if there are any cases of plagiarism that had happened within the articles that had been made. This newly software had been vastly use by the different schools across the country in UK.

With this newly develop advance technology software, it gives hope for the teachers and school administrators that they can help improve and maintain an honest atmosphere of educational learning from educational level in the country. As well, it also a gage that will help mold the individuals to become an honest employee as they will be gaining a career jobs in the future.

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