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Facebook Helps International Students

International students which have shown interest on study abroad programs are now getting good information through the information superhighway. Social media site Facebook is now participated by millions of people around the world and this is also one of the favorites in social media. Many students said they like to get more information about studies abroad because of the help of this social marketing site. Even doctorate degree online can be research also on Facebook because there many interested people.

Ludmi Herath is one of those professionals who recruit students to join Minnesota State University through the social media site Facebook. He said he knew this site could work well and would become his best recruiting tool online. As a result of her efforts, many students are now contacting her and ask questions about MSU. The students are very interested on the course offerings at MSU as well as some other important requirements of joining the school.

Tom Gjersvig, head of international student affairs at MSU said he is happy with the result of their online recruitment program because they finally realize it’s very important so that they can invite more international students to enjoy their various education programs. Gjersvig said last fall there were around 145 international students and this year it is estimated to reach more than 200 or reach its double status. He said the school posted the highest number of enrolled international students in 2002 which reached to 625. He also predicted that by the year 2010 the figure would double. Online degree programs are also being marketed by many schools online.

Gjersvig hired Herath of Sri Lanka to help him campaign for MSU using facebook which they found very successful. There are many college students and those entering college that are reportedly using this site for many reasons. Herath uses her own personal site at the start and later developed good strategies to interact with upcoming college students that are interested to study abroad. He regularly published contents in her blog about the activities of the school and also placed some pictures. This got the attention of many international students.

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