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Educational System in England

For several years, it has been already been a practiced to both private and public schools here in England that arts and science subjects are the prime focused in their system of education especially in grade school and high school level of educational program. Aside of that also, the learning’s of the students are measured through the different examinations that had been conducted by the schools. With that aspect, it somewhat bias to the part of the learners if this will be the measurement of their learning capacity especially to the college learners. This realization had been express by Niall Ferguson. In which, he is one of the current professors in History at Harvard University in the United States. At the same time a senior researcher at Oxford University.

With his research study between the educational system of here in England and in the United States, he really noticed that something is not right with the educational system in England. In which, he believes that the students must not be measured on their learning capacity according with the results of their examinations but rather schools must consider the idea of allowing the learners to do an independent research study in order to in depth their horizon of educational learning and broaden their educational knowledge. As well, he commented that schools if possible must their educational system upon putting an over emphasize towards arts and science subject matter.

He explain that learners especially in grade school and high school level or even in A level must learn to broaden their horizon to other educational learning field such as math and other subject learning course in order to shape them to become a well diverse individuals and as well, to give them a good venue to explore themselves of what areas or educational field they want to specialize for their continuing education that will serve as their career educational learning which will become as their stepping phase in obtaining a life time profession. Since, it will be an educational bias if the educational learning system will only limit to the knowledge in the field of science and arts without giving any chances to other educational field.

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