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Educational Grants Entirely Support College Learners

Several graduates of High School in Boston will entirely receive some extra support from their college during this fall as part of boosting the rates of college completion especially towards the city’s alumni. Since, the Boston Foundation is already giving out a $655,000 as one year educational grants. As a result, there will be about six nonprofit groups who will be expanding the counseling and provide some other services towards college campuses for some additional numbers of 275 graduates of high school in Boston. According to Elizabeth Pauley who is one of senior officer of this program in the foundation stated that the groups who will be receiving the educational grants entirely got some proven track of recording in order to increase the rates of college graduates.

Most of the time, those counselors will work just like a surrogate parents. In which, they will be providing support towards learners in order to determine and figuring some concerns towards in regards to their students financial aid, tuition payment bills or giving some advice on what career building course to take into account or be put into consideration. On the other hand, some also offers learners a crash career course outline in order to allow learners be given some idea about what entirely college educational life is like before the learners be able to enroll or land on their chosen respective school or university campuses within this fall. But the bottom line is that, a 12 year old Jamaica Plain that is an nonprofit organization entirely support learners apply and be able to get through their college education is now already receiving $60,000 and the money was been provided to its anonymous donor.

This money will provide chances for the group in order to boosts towards its full time counselors from about 14 to 16 that enables to serve about 80 more learners. According to Greg Johnson who is the group’s executive director stated that the money is providing in support for the group to proceed to its expansion plan that been previously puts on its hold level due to the economic recession that resulted to slowing of fund raising. These continuing education grants have already become part of annual $1 million commitment that the foundation created towards Mayor Thomas M. Menino’s goal in order to double the city’s seven year college graduates. Since, the Mayor is entirely basing its goal towards the Class of 2000’s rate for 35.5% that been entirely revealed to its report that been released in the last fall. As a result, the foundation also intended to provide $1million educational grants annually in five years.

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