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Education System in England

It had been known that England had good reputable and strong system of education with a greater support from its government. No wonder that most of the individuals here in England are well academically educated and trained. It had been reported that England got the highest rate of learners and professionals in the society compared to the other nations. Aside of that also, it had been known that the country got a longest duration of education program and school days comparing to other well develop nations around the globe. This report had been tallied by the Department of Education here in England.

It can be observe here in the country that there are no child that been educationally left behind and as well, there are several youth individuals that are beyond 16 years of age that continually forego their educational learning. Comparing to other nations such as Israel, Mexico, and Turkey; it can be seen that England got a highest rate of youngster who still forego a highest educational learning and become successful professionals in the coming future. Aside of that, it had been reported that there are also several adults individuals who have achieved a higher educational learning such as master’s degree program and PhD level of education. This observation was been confirmed by Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). Educational level of learning here in the country would usually start at an early age of three to four which can be considered as the primary ages of children. With that early education, no wonder that a seven year child can still endure a 100 hours or more duration of educational classes in a year. Both private and public schools have exercised a good educational system in the country.

As the range of population of young individuals goes up higher and the growing interest of foreign or international individuals in foregoing their academic education especially career educational learning, it moves several schools administrators to expand their educational services by rebuilding or constructing another school building or online school version. Indeed, it’s quite clear that the educational system is all the more doing great in giving out its academic services to its learners.

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