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Don’t let the Winter Blues get you down

When the winter season is approaching, many students are concerned during this time of year, because it can put them to risks in many ways and perhaps affects them when going to school. As these particular seasons is viewed as one of the major enjoyable period of the year but there are also bad caused to the people whereof its most cases is the winter blues. More over to the students’ situations, during winter most of them are like being indisposed resulting SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) or known as winter blues. Proven by many researchers, SAD or winter blues is literally mood anarchy. People who have this health problem are apparently controlled by their everyday mood rhythms when suddenly a bright light enters their eyes which can be the source of a chemical reaction leading both the mind and the body unpleasant effect. And desolately, this normally occurs all through winter season which go over and over again every year round. How do this affect to a student who has this disorder? In reality, winter blues symptoms able to give pressure lifestyle to students which quite sometime worn them out on going to class and opting for their pleasurable ways; and to the greatest extent, the feelings of too much sleepiness and the deficient of energy is present which causes more restlessness and uneasiness, leading to unconstructively affect the students grades and their attendance at the school. Hitherto, the winter blues has cure just like the other ordinary illness or at least severely lessen its effects, but remember that the solutions will purely start in oneself discipline. As the real theory of SAD or winter blues begins on the amount of light absorb through the eyes under different conditions cause the melatonin (a hormone produced as it gets dark that makes a person feel sleepy) decreasing in amount and the increasing amount of serotonin (a hormone that transport signals involving the nerves in the brain, this hormone is known to help adjust human’s emotion, appetite, and the sleeping habit. So therefore, certain things to carry out are important like, first and foremost, taking a Vitamin D knowing that this supplement is identified as the ‘sunshine vitamin’. A person who lacks Vitamin D is prone to SAD. For student health concern, he or she must consider a plan activity each week; go outside constantly especially during daytimes to slowly overcome the symptoms, because a weekly potluck gives you a reason to become active all through the week. How about engaging in few sports like ice skating outdoor or skiing, these sports can surely help. Most of all, exercising in the winter is as well beating the winter blues for it is needed for human’s mental and physical health functions. Through exercising, this can vastly fragment those dullness times of your days, to the fact that exercise increases the blood circulation and heart rate, giving a warmer and active emotion even as you are burning some calories. Such disorder really undesirable and not helping to affected students at all. In order to dig up some ideas on how to improve study results during winter while beating winter blues see the previous blogpost.

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