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Don’t be ashamed of being a good student

For decades popular students at high school have been trying to embarrass mates that were much better students that themselves. Good students had to suffer many pranks and people laughing at them. That is why some of them tried not to get so good grades and slip past. Thankfully, things are becoming to change at many schools all over the country. As those students that stand out at school are getting good rewards as the last gadgets and good scholarships; teenagers are realizing how important it is to get the best possible grades. Probably, companies as Google are influencing this trend too. Every youngster would like to work at this kind of companies and they know Google only hires the best ones, those that sure they weren’t the most popular at school but had spent much time learning about new technologies and there is not only Google who wants the best ones: all companies prefer to hire smart and hard-working employees that when decided what to study chose to do the best as possible, Even on TV series like “The Big Bang theory” stars are young smart boys and writers mock the typical handsome muscled young men with empty minds. In the show watchers have fun about principal character’s daily life but we can watch how many times writers make the “popular” and handsome boys look like idiots. If you are doing really good as a school student you would be proud of it because aan amazing future is waiting for you.

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