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Do I have to change my career?

The best careers in the USA and the UK: How difficult is it to understand that maybe the career that we studied is not even monitored by surveys? It is difficult to understand why some careers are more profitable than others. In the last couple of years, we have been immersed into a recession that has affected all our levels and standards of living. We had to change our priorities and keep trying to reach other goals in order to keep us ahead. Now the world calls for new professional talents to fill in the current needs because every society changes and so it is normal that the needs change too. When we decide to go to the university and study for the career we wanted to obtain as kids, important questions such as « what would I like to be? », « who am I going to become? » arise, and these doubts lead us to take our time and check what’s out there on the job market. Now statistics show that the world is becoming more aggressive and we need to find people who believe in specialization. Whether we are not ready for the challenge of change, or perhaps we already completed our studies and cannot afford to train more. It’s hard to come up with a list of the best careers in the USA and UK without seeing ours in the selection, and not to think right away “what am I going to do next?” Frustration is in the top 10 of feelings right now for me. But the good thing about our society is the change of perspectives and needs. So, we can all look at what can offer to the world today with our professions. In order to achieve this, we have to be willing to be honest and to extend our knowledge. But I will not longer take your time, here they are: the best careers!

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