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Determination and Fortitude Level to Achieve Successful Career like Lynie Low

Proceed to study to college tend to be costly, hitherto, parents and students get the support from the government offered student loan. It is visible that the present economic predicament vastly caused numerous nations all over the globe failed to provide good employment to each citizen. This detrimental situation can never be predicted when it will be end up, so by any means, you seem like in a wavering situation with unsteady decision; as a result, education, is above all the number one key to contrast and fix on your best decision.

Notwithstanding the financial issue, you can submit an application for student loan or scholarship or grants alike so that you can continue your college. There must no barriers to stand your path to accomplish your career goals; because in return you will intensely obtain the life that is dreamt by everybody.

Similar to Lynise Low. She is a senior student at westlake High School. Because of her brightness and inquisitiveness as an energetic scholar of the school who’s determined to suceed despite of the challenges that she may encounter, she was chosen in subsequent three levels of competition both at the school and county levels, wherein the committees of the said competition is composed of staff members, business representatives, and community members interviewed the students.

Many employers and student employees joined together at the Greater Waldorf Jaycees Community Center last April for the annual CRD Charles County Public Schools Career Research and Development Employer-Employee Breakfast which was formerly reknowned as the Cooperative Education program.

Regarding to this award, Low said, “It’s an amazing honor to win student of the year. I was extremely grateful when I won the student of the year at Westlake High School. I was just happy to represent Westlake at a student level and when I found out I had won for all of Charles County I can honestly say I couldn’t have asked for more. Winning co-op student of the year and being able to be a part of this program has been a wonderful experience and I hope future students learn and enjoy it as much as I do,”

Whilst, the Career and Research Development Coordinator at Westlake, Apryl Gray said that Low always thinking advance compare to the normal teen. She has not only laid out a plan for her career, but she has even enhanced other route just in case she is side tracked.

Would Low’s determination isn’t worth to make other student’s inspiration? Such person is very inspiring and admirable being prudently plans for the future with the consistency and fortitude level disregarding the given the pressures that often frequent teenagers faced of this generation. For this, the coordinator of Career and Research Development at Westlake said that Ms. Lynie Low is definitely deserving to represent their school and Charles County as the 2011 CRD Student of the Year.

Of course, career education with serious dedication to achieved like Lynie should be associated with career tests while on high school so that you able to meet the profession integrating your desires.

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