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Coping Studies while Defeating Winter Blues

As what was discussed on the previous article, the winter blues is a very adverse disorder by the affected person, more over if this person is a student. Knowing that a great number of persons carrying by this type of disorder, the student involvement are seemingly losing their desires study not until the winter season or even spring season are there yet.

What if a graduating college student has this winter blues? Are there any possible ways to recover his or her missed up lessons? To the point of fact that in most cases going through of this disorder may cause the grades and other important activities at school harmed as well, do you think there are better results waiting for you at school? The answer is a definite ‘Yes!’ Even if you are going through with this experience every time the winter fall, you should not be bothered about your studies because all are be able to overcome as you as well. So you do not take chances in your studies especially if you are a graduating student. Winter blues should be overcome and the urge to fight for what you feel with this disorder is highly needed. As attendance is very important in class, the following idea is recommended for you to know how to study better regarding the situation:

  1. Slowly but surely and with determination, fight the SAD. When you are determined to get better results in your incoming exams, the proper preparation is indeed the first thing to consider for a competitive exam. And since winter blues caused you exceeding sleepiness, have positive affirmation to set in mind always so that in the morning, you have the reason to strongly fight for your aspiration. According to a certain source, one effective technique used by all character development trainers they taught about this one sentence “Everyday I am moving one step closer everyday towards my dream score” which can be source out in their books and workshops. By giving a moment reading this sentence before you sleep at nigh and the time you wake up in the morning, as what they call it “Positive Affirmation and Visualization” system, providing a an extraordinary power instilling your brain to function to help you accomplish what you say.
  2. The right nutrition is also essential to make your memory active, and as the revealing truth concern on your winter blues symptoms, never forget to take Vitamin D (see article 2/21/2011 how it help), together with the healthy food like legumes helping the brain to function well; the folic acid contained by legumes is the one responsible to help you get the ace in your exam. Your struggle to study results to positive once you eat well-balanced foods for brain functioning.

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