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Constitutional Law for Foreign Learners

For so long England, had become educational learning destinations of several learners from around the globe. Foreign learners are very much fascinated about the good quality of educational services that most of the schools in England offer especially to the different colleges and universities. Since, most of the foreign learners who are studying in England are usually taking up their higher educational learning in college degree programs, master’s degree or even PhD level. With the increase numbers of foreign learners in the country, the England government wants to ensure that the foreign learners in the country have abided the law of the nation. By doing so, the government continually monitored the general activities of each foreign learner in order to avoid some illegal activities that might occur and to ensure that peace always reign in their nation despite that there are several foreign individuals staying in this place.

Part of the constitutional law that the England government implemented in the nation for the foreign individuals to abide is to forbid the foreign learners of taking a long absence without any valid reason in order to avoid some illegal acts that might occur. As well, the government is also requiring the different private or public schools in the country that got international learner to monitor their presences especially their absences. If they have seen any suspicious behavior acts and keeps on having a long duration of absences which exceed in ten days, the school administrator must already take an action on it through having an own investigation and report it directly to the Bureau of Foreign affairs in order to settle this kind of situation. The monitoring of foreign learners in the country is not act of invading their privacy but rather to support these foreign learners to become responsible individuals and to attain discipline upon taking their higher education program in this foreign country.

Aside of that also, this law implemented to the foreign learners also provides a dual effect for themselves and to the foreign country that there are studying. Since, the England government just want to ensure that their nations stability of peace and harmony are still be sustained despite that there are foreign individuals that stays for a quite long duration in their place.

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