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College Students Should Choose Careers Wisely

There are now independent surveys that reveal students not wisely choosing their careers. This problem happens in many schools world wide and already becomes normal for many students. But analysts say this should be corrected and students should be taught how to choose careers to enjoy in the future. The following are major reasons why many students who graduated in college do not exactly find the right job.

  • Do not fit in jobs available – Many professionals who just graduated from college cannot find the right jobs because they are not fit for available jobs. This problem is not only experience in the US but also in many countries of the world. The students have not wisely chosen what are marketable jobs and these bad choices also become a problem when they graduated and started looking for jobs. The career education is not marketable.

  • Mismatch of the job – Many government agencies and private companies who conducted joint job fairs in many parts of the globe and even in the US have found out that professionals qualifications do not meet the requirements set by the employing companies. What jobs employers want are not the courses graduated to by many students. In short, there is clear mismatch of the degree courses they graduated and the available opportunities.

  • Lack experience in the job – There are also students who can qualify for the job but they only lack experience. Many companies prefer employable professionals which have experience in the job they are applying for. Employers believe that professionals with more experience in the job more likely have bigger production or input as compared to new graduates who have not started working simply because they’re fresh from schools.

  • Wrong choice of careers – Employers also found out that many students are not properly guided by their parents or maybe career counselor what are marketable jobs they can easily work after graduating from college. This problem, according to the employers, must be addressed immediately so that there would be no employment problems from among the professionals. They said even if you graduated in universities and took up engineering courses if there are no available job opportunities you will still find it very difficult to land a job.

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