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Career Expo for High School Students College Career Preparatory

Ascertain your choices ahead on choosing your fix career before proceeding to college. This is important when a student is wholly committed to pursue and complete a course coherent with his/ her real passion of work. A career education especially for high school students can be a brilliant idea if you seek out for careertest while you are still approaching college life. This makes sense in order to avoid time-frittering by the time earlier than expected.

In Franklin County, they inaugurated for their Student Career Expo by bringing together the employers and students from various school districts. According to the Workforce Development Coordinator, Sandy Traynor that they aim to introduce the students to the career they might not be in perception. The 8th graders are deemed to let them make known to career choices, this is important if they want to enroll to Franklin County Career and Technology Center or want to pursue a college degree after the graduation.

There are approximate 3,200 middle and high school students expected to attend the inauguration came from different schools including the Chambersburg, Franklin County Career and Technology Center, Montessori Academy, and Waynesboro school districts. The expo concentrates on the following 6 career clusters: nonprofits, public service, health care, finance, education, and manufacturing.

The said expo is such a good example for other middle and high school institutions; more than a careertest, the purpose is to really expose the students to the participating employers, and give students career ideas while learning on addressing resume building and entrepreneurship and more topics to tackle.

It is a fact that to pursue a degree in college must be associated with dedication. The advocacy of a student to herself is the vital key whereas the guaranteed career path to take is unwaver at any means. Therefore, the noticeable school funding is seemingly unstoppable; hence, the growing students who desire to pursue a career in college hindered by this condition which in need to pay heed.

Even though that there are several ways to support one’s education like student loan, but the evident effects such as the possibilities of ending up making payments for long years depending on the total amount you borrowed. Moreover, it can also be a fact that you may not be able to get the employment in your field after the graduation.

Disregarding these possible results, since a student loan is diverse, back up your plans with consultations from the experts and try first the proposals offered by the government-backed student loans for these loans are commonly have low interest rates. So, despite the struggle to face during student life, you can still and always can make ways to support and continue your studies; to afford the things you dream and wish in life!

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