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Back to school resolutions

September is the month in which in many countries classes starts after summer. A new course start and many people come back home after vacation. This is the reason I think we should make back to school resolutions as well as we do them when a new year starts. This year my “back to school resolutions” are not quite different from those you would choose if you think about it: -        Making a study schedule. The main reason to do this is avoiding procrastination and last minute rush when an important exam is coming. Students tend to forget that we need to study every day if we want to get good grades. -        Not going to many student parties. This resolution is related to the first one, partying less I could managed to study much more. -        Joining a sport club. Spending leisure time playing any sport will make me feel better and healthier -        Keeping my room organized. Every year when I come back to school I organize my room so it is tidy in order to study better but, as months go by, my room starts to look like a dumping area in which it is impossible to get concentrate. -        Spending less time on the Internet. This is a regular situation in mi life: I switch on computer only to check my e-mail and finally I spend hours on Facebook and surfing the web. I have decided to spend only an hour on the Internet so I have much more time in the real life and I only have to choose what to study on that spare time. -        Eating healthier. I’m not a really good cooker and i am a real mess when i go to groceries shop, i always buy pre-cooked food that it is easy to prepare but not the best choice for me. This year i will learn to cook co i feed myself in a healthy way eating vegetables ans fruit. I hope I could make this resolutions come true and I will try not giving up after only one month as it happened last year.

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