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Avoiding Plagiarism

It’s been known that Plagiarism is an act of representing other person’s words or even ideas as its own. An evident offence of it is copying the sentence from the book or whole paper or book which is a major or extensive offence that is quite heavy in the law. This act is very much prohibited in the different countries worldwide, schools, institutions, and even in religious setting. The intellectual dishonesty of this things are quite rampant of this days especially in the nowadays that everything are very much technological. One main example of it is in the Internet. In which, people can easily steal the work of others without their permission or copy it but in the internet also there are several tools that can be found in order to identify plagiarism and the real output. Educational experts say that there are several ways to avoid plagiarism. It’s alright to make the works of to others as reference by quoting the name of author or the book that been written. It might be paraphrasing its sentence or paragraphs. There are several ways or even standards that can be use in order to avoid plagiarism and respect the works of others with dignity on their ideas that been given.

As of now, there are several technological tools in the internet in order for the teachers to determine if their learners are doing plagiarism act through comparing the papers of their students to thousands of papers online. The plagiarism tool is already used for several teachers across the globe in order to examine if their learners are doing plagiarism. Even professional writers are not exempted on it, professional writers are very much keen in looking the originality of their works and without copying the works of others even though that there are some career development resource references that they are been using. Both the different institutions, employers, companies and schools are very much keen in respecting the original works that been done by other people by putting the author or the information that they got into credit.

In the government institutions, offices and even in public schools; all the more plagiarism is very much prohibited because it does not only disrespect the works of others but as well the dignity of the people who originally made that concept or idea to refer on. In that case, government and the different private and public educational learning institutes are teaching their learners to be honest always especially in doing their homework and even term papers and always abide the standards or law of proper writing even the writer using some reference but originality must prevail.

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