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AMA Supports Reinstatement of Student Medical Loan

Senators Richard Burr and Johnny Isakson are now pushing for a legislation reinstating the student medical loan which is also supported by the American medical Association (AMA). The students are happy with this development because the plan of the two senators is for the permanent reinstatement of the loan program. This plan came as the government is predicting an 85,000 shortage of physicians in 2020. Many students pursuing medical profession welcome this development, saying the move is very positive and for their advantage being the direct beneficiaries of the program once it get reinstated by the passing of the legislation. The student community is also very positive of helping the program successfully passed in the Senate house.

AMA has also shown strong support because they have also seen this as among the best solutions it can offer to the problems that may hit the country if it continues to disregard it by not instituting some measures. AMA also thanked the good leadership shown by the two senators because they have also seen this future problem if not given utmost concern. AMA already sent a special letter to the good senators thanking their worthwhile accomplishment for education. AMA also told the senators for their full support for the immediate passage of the bill. Helping the medical students by way of financing their education through a medical loan is really great advantage, according to AMA’s Chris DeRienzo.

DeRienzo said a medical student these days usually graduate with $139,000 in debt, making it very difficult to pay in the process. This bad scenario for medical graduates also tantamount to giving up for the many years it was strong and cannot be simply disturb by mere debt problems because they aren’t big enough.

With the two senators legislation it will pave the way for the permanent restoration the deferment of the program.

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