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About the English Literacy Exam

English literature subject is always present to the nations who adapted the English language system as part of their language in their nation. As well, this English literature subject course is usually tackled in the early years of higher continuing education especially college learning phase. Just like here in United Kingdom especially here in England, most of the colleges and universities have included the English literature subject course in all courses and year level in college education. Since, English literature will be a great help to develop their ideas and as well enhance their understanding more English literature aspects.

As students begin to learn this English subject course, they also deepen their horizon about English literature here in England and in America. Just recently, the Cambridge University as one of the prestigious campus schools here in England had just conducted an exam to the students in their final years of learning in the college education program. There are several reactions from the learners who took the English literature exams. Most of students have reacted that the English literature exam was entirely surprising and challenging because of the exam content. Since, the students didn’t expect that their English literature exam will be about the Amy Winehouse music lyrics which is the Love is a losing game and the written text of Sir Walter Raleigh which was the “As you Came from the Holy land”. In which, the written music lyrics of Amy Winehouse are not expected by the learners as one of literature figure as well with the written text of Sir Walter Raleigh. With that, it challenges the learners upon answering the questions on the exam papers. Despite of exam difficulty in analyzing the literature figure but still the Cambridge University has given their positive outlook on their answers. According to the Cambridge University spokesman that the school administrators had said that there will be no right or wrong answers in regards on the questions in the exam.

Since, the recent literature exam that had been conducted is to evaluate and assess the learners on how they will deal about the aspects that are in line with the English literature figure.

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