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A Few Useful Tips from an International Student

Many international students are under the need to get A’s all the time because they are on a full scholarship. It is hardly surprising that their main purpose is to excel and get high marks. Take it from me: being international student is a struggle but you can make it! Here are some useful tips for you and for all students in general that can make it easier for you to excel in your studies and achieve your goal.




Always be prepared in class and make constant efforts to improve your classwork. Make sure you have done your homework and do not forget to take notes in class. Show that you are a willing participant and that you want to learn. Take part in class discussions. Each time that you have something to share, raise your hand and do not get easily discouraged when the teacher do not call on you. Maybe he thinks that you contribute too much and try to give someone else a chance to take part. Take good notes and write down anything that you consider important. Keep separate notebooks for each subject and create a table of contents so that you can go back and review the material easily before the exam. Make sure you follow up class notes with reading from the textbooks.


Study and time management


Work ahead of the class. If you want to get the highest mark you need to work hard. Read further than a chapter in school, but do not work too far ahead. Study for upcoming tests. Get yourself in a good habit of making timetable for exam days by marking exam dates on a calendar. Make sure you fill out the study guides and make up some essential questions for the test. Study in a quite, non-distracting environment and take advantage of extra studying opportunities when available. When studying at home make sure you repeat new information aloud so that you can remember it easily. Work with other students before an upcoming test and quiz each other. Make practice quizzes and games to help you study. Use mnemonics and mind maps each time.




Always remain calm as the test is being handed out. If you experience great difficulty solving a particular problem skip it and continue with the next one but make sure you mark it. Go back to it later and use the process of elimination if it is necessary. Be aware to write legibly and with correct writing tool during the test.



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